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 ====== Allgemeines zum Thema Softwareentwicklung ====== ====== Allgemeines zum Thema Softwareentwicklung ======
-**nach {[quellen:Cockburn2008]}**+**nach ​\cite{Cockburn2008}**
   * Softwareentwicklung besteht aus    * Softwareentwicklung besteht aus 
     * Handwerk     * Handwerk
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     * Motivation der Mitarbeiter,​ auch in anderen Bereichen Kompetenzen zu erlangen     * Motivation der Mitarbeiter,​ auch in anderen Bereichen Kompetenzen zu erlangen
 +===== What makes a good developer? =====
 +**nach \cite{Wood2009}**
 +  * Process: Follow a well defined process like Scrum, XP, or even Waterfall. Just follow any process! Testing should be a big part of the process.
 +  * Passion: If you don't love what you do, you will never be good at it.
 +  * Experience (language and algorithms):​ Experience comes with time and by learning new stuff and sharpening your skills.
 +  * Initiative: Be active and start new projects or learn something new.
 +  * Involvement in the community (blogs, conferences):​ Speak to other developers about your profession to get new insights.
 +  * Communication skills (with business people and in written documentation):​ You not only have to be able to program but to get your ideas across to other people.
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